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Here you will find an overview of our projects in Lomié in Cameroon.

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Here you will find all the documentations of the CEFOMEC Association: To read the files you need “Adobe Acrobat Reader” from Adobe. If you do not already have on your computer the program, you can download the Acrobat Reader here for free (22 MB):  Deutsch: Satzung der CEFOMEC Beitragsordnung Mitgliedsantrag Anerkennung der Gemeinnützigkeit in … Continue reading

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Humans need rights

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen in 1789

About the situation of human rights in Cameroon This morning there were no cars to be seen in the streets of Douala. There were also no other vehicles to be seen as it would normally be the case. Instead one could see people. Enraged, indignant and angry people. There was also no traffic noise this … Continue reading

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Tod Pascal

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Boko Haram: terror instead of education

Nigerian terrorist group is becoming dangerous for Cameroon. While we in Germany were excitedly following the football world cup last summer, a high number of people died in Africa during a public viewing. This was due to an attack of the Islamist terrorist organisation Boko Haram. In German, Boko Haram means something like “books are … Continue reading

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Educational systems in Cameroon

Primary school when you are 6 years old, at the age of 12 the transition to a secondary school and after that an apprenticeship, academic studies or something similar. This is what the educational path looks like here in Germany and other countries. And it could the same in Cameroon if there weren’t so many … Continue reading

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