Boko Haram: terror instead of education

Nigerian terrorist group is becoming dangerous for Cameroon.

Boko Haram

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While we in Germany were excitedly following the football world cup last summer, a high number of people died in Africa during a public viewing. This was due to an attack of the Islamist terrorist organisation Boko Haram. In German, Boko Haram means something like “books are a sin” or “Western education prohibited”. The name says it all: Boko Haram violently acts against the adoption of the Western lifestyle in some African countries.

The terrorist organisation mainly operates in Northern Nigeria, the direct neighbour of Cameroon.
An increasing number of kidnappings, attacks or other terrorist actions is taking place, also behind the Nigerian border. The militants for example raid villages and military bases in Cameroon in order to get food and weapons. But even though it is absolutely necessary, there has not been done enough to stop the too powerful terrorist organisation. And this could continue for the next 50 or even 100 years if the situation doesn’t change. One reason for this is that the Nigerian government is not able to control Boko Haram.

The army isn’t equipped well enough, is badly organised and some officers are corrupt and even work for Boko Haram. But also the problems of the society play a major part in this: Kah Walla, the president of the council of the Cameroon People’s Party, thinks that the people don’t understand how serious the situation is. She also says a solution could be found only by looking at the human aspects; there is no military solution in her opinion. Instead, projects have to be supported that promote literacy and offer education for children. This way, an alternative to terror is being provided for young people. “There are many NGOs in the north that do a great job. They really need help at this moment,” she says. But too many people still turn a blind eye and ignore their chance to change something. Boko Haram has become a huge problem, especially because the organisation is still receiving new members. According to an analysis conducted by the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, especially young and poorly educated men are attracted by radical Islamistic groups.

A successful fight against Boko Haram can only work in relation with increasing educational possibilities for the African population. A long-term achievement is only possible through the improvement of the general circumstances. But this can only be achieved if there is education for all children. Please help to provide these children with a promising future: with education terror doesn’t stand a chance!

Please read more about our project for supporting schoolchildren in Cameroon and please take on a sponsorship for one of the schoolchildren.

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