Educational systems in Cameroon

Primary school when you are 6 years old, at the age of 12 the transition to a secondary school and after that an apprenticeship, academic studies or something similar. This is what the educational path looks like here in Germany and other countries. And it could the same in Cameroon if there weren’t so many obstacles.

There are two different educational systems in Cameroon, which are followed by the public primary and secondary schools. One of them is the French speaking (Francophone) system, which applies to 80 percent of the schools. The other is the English speaking system (Anglophone). One difference between them is that the French school system has 6 years of primary school, whereas it is 7 years in the English system.
Moreover, the Anglophone system requires more effort and work and is more efficient. This is proven by the number of students that have to repeat a year: 30 percent of the Francophone against only 20 percent of the Anglophone students.

Because the official language in the country is English as well as French, the other language is a compulsory subject in school, so that the children always grow up being bilingual. Then there are subjects such as History, Geography and Maths.

But not every child has the opportunity to go to school and attend those classes, despite the existing compulsory school attendance. One reason for this is the religion/tradition. Education is a lot worse in the Islam-dominated north of the country than in other regions, especially for girls. They are often already married at the age of 13 and from then on have to take care of the household and thus cannot attend school.

But there is another problem why not all children in Cameroon can go to school.
Many parents do not have enough money and cannot afford sending their children to school. By law, attending primary school is free of charge, so that all children have the opportunity to receive education. Nevertheless many schools demand money from the parents, for example in order to finance the maintenance of the school building, because the financial support from the state is not sufficient.
The parents also have to pay for the school uniforms and books.

Efforts are being made to improve the conditions at the schools in Cameroon, but until then the parents and accordingly their children need support.

CEFOMEC_EN_Slide_02For this reason, please take on a sponsorship for only 20 euros a month, so that one more child can attend school, is supported and has the opportunity to have a fulfilled future. Every child has the right to education and it should not depend on the fact whether it is rich or poor.

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