Where is Cameroon?

cameroun_regionenIf you imagine Africa as a knee bent, Cameroon is located in the knee throat and is surrounded by Nigeria, Chad, Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. In our logo, you can recognize it very well. Cameroon has over 475,000 square kilometres or about a third larger than Germany. But live there only about a quarter as many people as here, namely, about 20 million. The greatest population density is located in the metropolitan areas around the port of Douala (3.5 million) and the capital Yaoundé (2 million). The other cities usually have only up to 250,000 inhabitants.

Cameroon got its name from the Portuguese navigators, the first Europeans reached the region. They named a river “Rio dos Camarões” (crab river, now Wouri), because there were lots of shrimp. Later, the name of the surrounding mountains and by the German colonial rulers (1884-1919) for the whole country was taken over.

Cameroon is divided into 10 regions (provinces earlier). The largest surface area is “Est” and is located in the south-east of the country. It is dominated by the rainforest and contains the wildlife reserve “Dja”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In Cameroon the use currency is the Franc CFA the Central African Franc (CFA; ISO code: XAF), the currency of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community. There are similarities to the European Union. 1 EUR = 655.957 XAF.

flagge_kamerunThe flag of Cameroon consists of the three pan-African colours: Green for the fertility of the native soil (“Mother Africa”), the colour yellow for the wealth and love of country and the colour red indicates the blood that is flowed for independence. The star symbolizes national unity.

The Cameroonian national anthem “Rallying Song“, which was officially adopted in 1957 and 1978 altered the text again.

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Where is Cameroon?

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