Become a member of CEFOMEC and help Cameroon

membership-150x150Any natural or legal person or association who is willing to promote the objectives, purposes and terms of the association can become a member of CEFOMEC.

All our projects are carried by a non-profit organization under the name “CEFOMEC”. The association is registered in the Register of Charlottenburg in Berlin. It is also registered as a charity by the tax office for corporations. Thus, we can provide tax receipts in the officially prescribed patterns for donations and membership fees.

Please fill out the application for membership. You will receive a response from the association board.

What happened to your money?

A report on our activities 2012 (Annual Report) is available right here.

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3 Responses to
Become a member of CEFOMEC and help Cameroon

  1. Lotus Chul says:

    I want to be a fan of these charity…

    • Udo Netzel says:

      No problem. At the bottom of this website you will find buttons for Facebook, Google+ and other social media. Become our fan!

  2. Aid For Africa says:

    One School for Working Children has a main center with standard classes and 4 satellite centers in or very close to the slum where the kids live. It’s our practical experience that the learning center needs to be very close to the kid’s home. As soon as the kids develop a practice of studying at school every day, they can also attend the 4-8th grade schooling in the main center, which may be 1 or 2 km away from their home. One reason for our success with this plan is the dedication of the staff who daily view the families, connect with the parents and resolve their issues which includes health issues, organizing proper documents for signing up the kid in government schools etc.

    The workers positively work to make the AWC a success for children by mobilizing the children, their parents, the local school teachers and the specialists to join hands to create a much better future for the children. The teachers at AWC educate the kids, organize cleaning actions in the slums, organize events in the neighborhood and pay attention to every single child.

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