Modified slogan “Hand in hand with Cameroon”

Modified slogan "Hand in hand with Cameroon"Quite a few people will not even have noticed. We changed our slogan from “Hand in Hand for Cameroon” to “Hand in Hand with Cameroon” For some these are only a few other letters, for us it is the key word in the slogan which describes our work in Cameroon much better than before because we work with the local people and not for them. This distinguishes us from other clubs and organizations.

There is a common problem in development aid seen from the perspective of a developing country: a foreign company is instructed to carry out a project somewhere in this country. Foreign engineers and other professionals are being dispatched where they build a dam, a factory or the like and the developing countries are then being left alone with these projects. Our approach is to recruit local professionals from the respective developing country. There are numerous well-trained professionals who barely have a chance to be hired for such projects.


We set our development projects from the beginning to sustainability:

Environmental sustainability

Electricity and clean water are the most vital things a person needs to survive. Therefore, we provide in our project “Hospital” an independent power and water supply. We use solar energy and the hospital has its own well.

Economic sustainability

A company should not live beyond their means, as this would inevitably lead to an economic loss for future generations. Generally, an economic manner shall be considered sustainable if it can be operated continuously.

Social sustainability

With our project “Schoolchildren Promotion” we want to ensure that all children have the chance of a decent education. This is a prerequisite for the subsequent vocational training, because only well trained professionals are able to bring a country forward economically. Thus, we can come full circle to economic sustainability.

Well-trained professionals are also required in our development project “Hospital” and so we close the circle again.

We “live” our slogan regarding the jobs in Cameroon

According to our slogan “Hand in Hand …with… Cameroon” we do not fill any jobs in Cameroon with personnel from Germany because we use professionals from Cameroon. Only in cooperation with the people from Cameroon our projects will be implemented sustainably.

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