From the unset, we set our development projects for sustainability: Environmental sustainability For global CO2 emissions to keep on dropping, we must have environmental sustainability in mind. It’s necessary to consciously modify old habits. Electricity and clean are the most important needs for survival. In project “HOSPITAL” we supply independent power and water supply. Our … Continue reading

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Modified slogan “Hand in hand with Cameroon”

Modified slogan "Hand in hand with Cameroon"

Quite a few people will not even have noticed. We changed our slogan from “Hand in Hand for Cameroon” to “Hand in Hand with Cameroon” For some these are only a few other letters, for us it is the key word in the slogan which describes our work in Cameroon much better than before because … Continue reading

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Your donate can help our projects in Cameroon

I’m poor… Of course you can only donate so much money as you can afford. But are you really “poor”? Whoever says that I am poor, apparently knows no poverty! Even those who receive social assistance, has it much better than many people in Cameroon: If we open the tap water comes naturally. In the rural areas of … Continue reading


Working at CEFOMEC

Our projects are carrying by non-profit organization under the name “CEFOMEC”. The association is registered in the Register of the Charlottenburg in Berlin and by the tax office for corporations as a charity. Thus, we have provided for donations and membership fees out tax receipts on the officially prescribed pattern. All staff are volunteers. For … Continue reading


New website is launched

Today is the “day of work” and we’ve been busy. Not only today, but in the past few months. Our new website is now ready and went online today. How do you like this new site? Please write to us here or on our website, your opinions. What do you like, what you like less … Continue reading

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