What is a sponsorship?

A sponsorship is the voluntary assumption of a duty of care. CEFOMEC Association offers people from rich countries with the possibility to take sponsorship for children from Cameroon. The sponsorship contributions are funding to projects with which the lives of children should be permanently improved.

How can I enter into a sponsorship?

With a regular monthly donation through sponsorship, you can encourage and support a child directly. Sponsorship costs 20 EUR per month. Convention sponsorship must be signed with a degree of durability, so that it is always do on a monthly basis for several years.

To reduce our administrative costs as low as possible, we would be grateful if we give a direct debit in order to shorten our regular collection (monthly). For this, we provide you with a PDF form for any purpose useful to your sponsorship.

How long does a sponsorship?

You help as long as you want or can. Ideally, you will guide your sponsored child from starting school to vocational training. This also means that you support over the years your sponsored child.

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