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Hospital in LomiéDo you want to do something good and do you want to donate money purposefully? Then you are at the right place. There are numerous projects out there, but in our organization all chairpersons have visited the village and saw with their own eyes the suffering of the people and the necessity of this project.

Although you know you do something good when donating to other projects, you might ask yourself where the funds actually go. You don’t have to worry about that when donating money to us. The funds will be used solely for the construction of the hospital and you will updated on every step regularly. You will always be kept up-to-date not only with words but also with relevant pictures.

Whoever has been to Africa knows that the provision of healthcare is often insufficient. Even in Germany we frequently moan about the availability of doctors. We regularly read that there are too few doctors, whereat there is 1 doctor for 300 residents. In Cameroon there is one doctor for 12.000 residents. German nurses, who did an internship there, describe the situation as extremely dramatic. “Who is sick here, is truly sick”. In Africa people only go to the physician when there is no other way out. Intoxication, pregnancies and malaria are such reasons. It is inconceivable to visit a doctor because of a cold, since a doctor’s visit is not only incredibly expensive but also takes a long time. Especially in rural areas, as is in Lomie’s case, residents have to drive for several hours to reach a physician. Our project is there to help. Additionally, people often have to wait many hours or even overnight to receive treatment. Thus, this hospital is absolutely necessary for this region. Please support us, together we can reach our goals.

There are different ways how to donate. Please donate now.

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