Donations for the hospital in Lomié / Cameroon

CEFOMEC hospital project in the city Lomié, south-east of Cameroon, is a mission to accomplish through various donations from individuals.

What is the idea behind this development project?

krankenhaus_lomie_bigOne of the main concerns of the society is the healthcare of the people in Lomié. As in most third World countries, Cameroons health care system is bleak. While here in develop countries one doctor is to 300 inhabitants while in Cameroon one doctor is to 12,000 inhabitants. Also, there is a lack of necessary specialize doctor.


The number of hospitals is negligible, so some patients have a long way to reach a hospital. Mostly in rural areas is one or no health center causing this area to suffer and die of even sickness that could be treated as a result of the lack of hospitals. Some of those areas that have this hospital don’t have equipments and so a patient may be admitted miles away from home making it hard to this community.

CEFOMEC wants to ensure that as many people as possible are given access to qualified medical treatment. With the two beds, a first aid station and 5 wards with 17 beds, and a pharmacy, a laundry, a store and, of course, appropriate sanitation facilities with toilets and showers to this people.

What is needed?

CEFOMEC at hand has purchased a 600 square-foot property, which is not yet fully paid. If this liability is settled, the land is graded into two levels, since it lies on a slope. The construction plans for the hospital is nearly completed and in January 2012 we will discuss with the supervisor on site.

We will update you on the progress of the project and also when we will need including:

  • Medical equipment, X-ray machines, microscopes
  • Sphygmomanometer, thermometer
  • Stethoscopes,
  • Tweezers, syringes
  • Bandages, plasters, etc.
  • Beds

Please donate now!

We ask for during the accumulation, a construction phase of the property to make any donations, because we have no way to store them.

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