Support to schoolchildren promotions

The Association take care on the sponsored children in the project food-scholarship in schools in the city of Lomié, through financial support of education and of children.

What is the vision of the project?

Schulkinder-FörderungChildren’s education is very important and necessary in Cameroon for their intellectual development as here in Germany. A solid training will help them carry out work to become qualified and independent Men tomorrow.

It is clear here in Germany to go to school and after school to follow a good training. Also in Cameroon, there is a compulsory education at primary school, but the absence of government controls in the monitoring / evaluation of the effective implementation of laws that are unfortunately, a quarter of the population remains illiterate. In some parts of the country, religious reasons are discussed and used as an argument to be the cause of dropout or non-schooling children. In other cases, financial reasons were found. Although primary education is free school uniforms, books and food are not affordable, or at the financial level of many family (household).

Only a few of those who can read, write and count have the luck of their education, being a skilled workforce potential. The fact that most of the children at school age (male and female) do not have equal opportunity to attend school, regardless of whether their parents are rich or poor. The project will ensure that each child will receive school uniforms, books and a meal in the morning before going to school and / or during breaks.

What amount is needed to finance the project?

With only 12 euros per month, you can be assured that every child every day at school will receive a hot meal. Add to that the cost of school uniforms and books for one year. We fund these costs with your “sponsorship” because you support a child through sponsorship. A child sponsorship costs 20 EUR per month.

Please make a move now so that one more children are and educated person in Lomié during the next academic year by subscribing here: take out a sponsorship application.

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Support to schoolchildren promotions

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  2. Nancy Moreno says:

    I would like information about a sponsorship for a child in Bogota Colombia who has undergone innumerable operations since he was four years old. Now he is 15 barely alive, and he is enduring severe pains in all over his body, almost blind due to brain cancer, half of his body is extremely big and he has a hose in his brain which is connected to his heart. I really appreciate any information for help, I am his aunt and my heart is tearing apart unable to do anything for him, my sister is too poor, she had tried to do all possible to receive help from the government, but it was in vain. Now the child lost his memory and everyday get worse. I am begging help for him. That s all I ask God for the rest of my live. Thank you so much.
    God bless all you.
    Att Nancy Moreno.

    • Udo Netzel says:

      Thank you for your inquiry. The Articles of CEFOMEC do not allow to use the funds for projects outside of Cameroon. It would also be forbidden to neglect their own projects to help others. The financial resources of our organization are limited and are therefore used exclusively for the realization of our own projects.

      We regret that we can give you a different answer.

  3. Ssenkungu Richard says:

    A good Christian Sunday to you all.
    I would like to join you and we help those children in Cameroon and please i inquire for your contacts. I am also a student in Uganda and it also concerns me for the education of my fellow Africans in Cameroon. That’s why i would like to join you and we search for help in country to country.
    Your sooner and positive response will be highly appreciated by me. Thank you.
    Yours faithfully
    Richard Ssenkungu

  4. Nuwan Sanjeewa says:

    I am a poor student . Please somebody help me for my studies. I am waiting for you. Reply me to know more. Thank you!

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