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With great sadness we announce that Lamine (left on the photo), the head of a mechanic workshop in Lomié south-east of Cameroon, is died. His workshop is now sadly disbanded and for this reason, we end this project. Of course you can donate to our other projects.

Here, the data of the former project:

Taking a look at this workshop, one will say work is not efficient. But these are skillful men who do not have capital to furnish this workshop but in the best way, they do a good job in this very poor condition. No modern mechanic workplace will still be looking like this. But here you have a few wrenches, a hammer, and otherwise they manage their skill and ingenuity. The lift consists of chains, current roles and the application of physical laws of leverage. Most is done on the open road, and welding is also included. As a fire extinguisher is a bucket with 5 liters of water. There, the term “auto mechanic” is another meaning, as with us. There are no spare parts in original packaging from a shelf, but the parts will be repaired if possible. What have also mechanics to do with the removal and replacement of parts?

lamine_autoEven this “scrap heap” is again made ready to drive. The car was a total loss. Hardly any part was still intact. But as scares and expensive spare parts are in Cameroon, lamine use same parts for repair. The parts of the work involved however are very inexpensive as compared to reconstruction in Europe or USA. This shop is really backward and need to be made modern for the people of Lomié and also for their safety from bad repairs and local methods. Lamine as well finance his projects where he put these vehicles running in the streets as taxi. Also due to bad roads which consist of huge potholes, the high sub-soil is extremely helpful. Here, the vehicles can be lowered rather than later.

lamine_motorradTake a look at the motorcycle. That’s what he found totally burned out somewhere. Today it looks pretty good after being repaired. A few little things and a little paint and it look almost like new again. Also in this object can exercise his students learn very much, after all, it covers the entire knowledge of mechanics, sheet metal and paint. But of course, it doesn’t only work at the practice projects, but also customer vehicles are repaired constantly.

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